Tuesday, April 27, 2010

barry brings you today's blog thanks to the letter "p" and the number "4".

p is for perogies!! and 4 is for how many kinds we had at our perogy party. picture it: people bring their own fillings, we prep the dough and stuff them, and then....wait for it....WE EAT THEM.

bliss. heaven. happiness. there should be a book about how perogies feed your soul, and how world peace could be accomplished if everyone just ate a few of these everyday.

brie, garlic, pumpkin:
my fillings ingredients.
mellowed with some sage.

the flatness persists.
how to salvage the flavour?
cranberry jewel.
flavour unrefined:
jalapeno, cheddar, corn.
party in my mouth!

beets and boursin cheese?
for wild flavours, yes please!
made with love...and crack.

divine decadence:
did someone say s'morogies?!?!
beyond the campfire.


  1. you know what might take those jalapeno-cheddar-corn perogies over the edge? a little dallop of guacamole in each one!

  2. I would have enjoyed a perogy party because making them alone is boring and repetitive but the EATING well that is the magic part. Love the flavour coms !