Thursday, June 18, 2009

barry goes bananas for barbeque.

…and barbeques bananas!

to celebrate good weather FINALLY arriving in edmonton, a couple of barry’s buds hosted a ‘barbeque everything party’ this past weekend.

people went all out, and there came a point when i couldn’t tell if i was sweating from the heat, or from the meat consumption. we ended up consuming an assortment of barbequed items including, but not limited to: meat on a stick, meat marinated in yogurt, meat marinated in teriyaki sauce, ground meat formed into patties, and vegetarian hot dogs masquerading as meat.

to top off all the protein was a gut-expanding collection of salads, vegetables, appetizers and desserts. my buds’ buds really classed-up this barbeque with such delights as saint andre cheese heated on a cedar plank, and topped with toasted almonds and red wine jelly, and chocolate fondue done in orange halves and served with marshmallows and pound cake.

fancy, i know.

and i made banana boats. childhood camping memories would not be complete without a banana boat here and there. all that’s needed are bananas with a slit cut in them, then chocolate chips and marshmallows to be squished in and everything then wrapped up tight in aluminum foil to be thrown onto the barbie until the banana caramelizes. i also added a wee-bit of kalhua for the grown-up crowd.

so simple, so good.

happy barbequing!

(as a complete side note, i finally tried smirnoff’s mojito vodka. i’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now, but revolted against the idea of a mojito without rum. guys, don’t think of it as a mojito, but as an insanely refreshing minty-lime drink when mixed with club soda (it’s too sweet otherwise). superstore has it for ~$16.)

Friday, June 5, 2009

barry hails caesar.

what makes a good caesar: the brand of vodka? the tomato to clam juice ratio? the garnish used? i don’t know – you tell me! – but i can tell you who makes a good caesar: the haven social club. i discovered haven on a blustery winter day this past february. at the time i was screaming for socialism, cbc, and more speak n spell while listening to the dulcet tunes of taking medication. (side note: music does not need more cowbell, it needs more speak n spell, dammit!) what better drink to enjoy the night with than a caesar? only this was the best caesar i ever had. it was garnished with a pickled asparagus, and other than a smooth, savory taste, i can’t tell you much more about what made it so great. i highly recommend that you all take your medication at haven and try one for yourself.

one of many caesar recipes:

6 oz. mott's clamato juice
1½ oz. vodka
2 dashes tabasco sauce
2 dashes worcestershire sauce
celery salt
freshly ground pepper
lime/lemon wedge
1 crisp celery stalk

1. rim highball glass first with the lemon slice and then the celery salt.

2. fill this glass with ice.

3. add vodka and juice to ice, and season with pepper, worcestershire sauce, and tabasco.

4. stir, and then garnish with a celery stick.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

barry's ethiopian haiku.

ahoihoi readers. i just checked my facebook fanpage, and realized that i don't know everyone on the list. this is a first! thirty-five and counting...

ethnic finger food:
lentils, spinach, doro tibs.
langano skies rocks!

injera rolled tight.
the wait for fresh food is long;
start off with a snack.

spicy and mild fare,
vegetarian and meat.
watch out for berber!