Friday, April 17, 2009

barry has a couple of quickies for you.

quickie #1: a couple of weeks ago i found out that pharos pizza and spaghetti house did not close in january as i reported in december '08, but was granted an extension and will now be open until late june. SO if you didn't go already to reintroduce yourself to their popeye pizza and greek salad, don't wait til june GO NOW!

8708 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 1E9‎
(780) 433-5205‎

quickie #2: bananas at no frills in vegreville were .36/pound on monday. i think superstore on 51 avenue has bananas for.76/pound. you do the math.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

barry's back with the pink slip.

yes, i know. many of you have already given me plenty of grief for going m.i.a., but wasn't the wait and anticipation worth it to find out the winning recipe of the pink slip?!

well, okay, maybe not.

i have a confession to make. i didn't actually test the recipes i came up with until after the voting was done, so when i had a wee shindig to sample the three pink slip recipes, it was the first time anybody had tried them, including me. so really, it's not my fault that pink slip recipe #2 won...even though it turned out to be the most disgusting thing i or anyone else in the room had ever consumed.

my bad.

BUT even though #2 tasted like fizzy cinnamon cough syrup, the other two recipes were a big hit. recipe #1 was particularly popular, which surprised me because campari usually means a bitter death. i suggest changing that recipe slightly and add just under a part of campari and instead add an extra splash of pineapple juice - it tastes great, and has the bitterness of grapefruit juice.

here are a few comments from my pink slip party guests. i offered them the option of anonymity, hence the online names.

superman liked #3 because he said so. SNAP!

latinlover felt #3 made him feel fantastic.

me! thought #3 was the best combination with a light, fruity taste. very refreshing. the shade of pink with the red cherry at the bottom was also lovely. p.s.- three rules.

carolina. liked the cherry of #3, but didn't like #2 because she hates cinnamon.

stone fox's first pick was #3 as it was the best of the bunch.

everyone else in the group picked #1:

evilbreakfest liked the orange chair, that orange chair rocks, why aren't there more orane chairs?*
*i should point out that when my friends wrote their comments they had just had a number of very strong drinks.

em eye picked #1 because the other two SUCKED! just kidding (not really). #1 is fresh, different and doesn't have a disgusting cinnamon after taste. yikes, i need tums after #2!

(illegible scribbles) wrote "hey! i ordered a cheeseburger what the f*ck? $5000!!?!*
*again, alcohol.

sea of ash thought #1 was sexy! it definitely is a breakfast drink and you can never start drinking this [stuff] too early with economic crisis.

mrs. roper: pink slip #1: bitter, tart, delicious.

the tastemaker: it's like a breakfast you can drink. it's a marker of refined, sophisticated palates. i feel sorry for people who chose #2 because they will never experience true tasty delight.

tasterator: vegetables and sugar turned into a palate cleansing drink - what more could a robustly, athletic, pro-active and vital young man want? pink slip #1 is beyond my taste expectations.

so that's it folks. #1 was the clear favourite. my vote is to think of names for recipes #1 & 3 and get them on the market. write in with your name suggestions, and we'll get those posted!