Monday, February 23, 2009

poll: barry makes the most of a bad situation.

the other day one of my buds was talking about a new phenomenon in north america: pink slip parties. bars across the country are hosting recently laid off workers (who wear pink ribbons), their supporters (who wear blue ribbons) and recruiters (who wear green ribbons) as they network with one another over a cocktail or two. definitely a fun way to start job hunting, although when i first heard the term “pink slip party” i thought it meant that you could bring your pink slips to the bar on wednesday nights and get a free drink…even more fun, i’d say.

during the 1930s it wasn’t uncommon to head on down to the bar to enjoy a cheap beer, sidecar or whiskey sour, and forget about your troubles…for a few hours at least. so here we are: in the midst of a world-wide recession, job hunting over a drink, or in some cases, under a few drinks. but why drink just any drink? i think that there should be a signature concoction for us to commiserate over our little recession, and i think we’re the people to get the ball rolling.

i need your help to pick a new cocktail for the year.

below are three possible recipes for a “pink slip”: a recession era drink that you can order when you go out and forget about the worries of the world for a few hours. i want you to vote on the poll (to your right) for your favourite drink of the three, and then comment why. whichever drink has the most votes by march 20 wins, and a new drink is born. after that, i want you to go out to your favourite bar and start ordering “pink slips”. you might need to bring the recipe along for the first few times, but after that the pink slip should start being a part of your bartender’s vocabulary.
pink slip #1.

1 part campari
1 part gin
3 parts pineapple juice
a squeeze of lime juice

shake over ice and garnish with a hershey’s kiss.

the campari represents the bitterness of the “pink slip” while the pineapple and lime juice represent the cayman islands, where you wish you hid all of your money.
pink slip #2.

1 part cherry brandy
1 part gold schlager (or for the poor man, cinnamon schnapps)
champagne to top it all off

shake brandy and schlager over ice and pour into champagne flute. top with champagne and garnish with a cinnamon heart.

okay, so it's not a frugal, recession-friendly drink, but it'll keep you warm now that your partner left you cold and alone for someone with money and a job. the gold flecks in the schlager remind me of a shattered man swallowing the last of his wealth before the bank can come and take it. hey, at least they're not diamond cufflinks in a balloon - right carlton?

pink slip #3.

1 part vodka
1 part southern comfort
2 parts cranberry juice

shake well over ice, and garnish with a cherry or starfruit.

meh - it's sweet, has alcohol and it's pink.


  1. Pink slip #1 all the way. why?
    Appropriately bitter? check.
    Appropriately fruity? check.
    Appropriately Gin-y? check!

  2. Hello! #2 for the win. Nothing says 'sucks that you lost your job, but lets just live in denial for a while longer' like a little bubbly. Plus there are shiny glittery gold bits involved. and if I’ve learned anything from Mariah Carey its that you can't lose with glitter.

  3. Number One for my vote. Who can resist pineapple? And I admire the alcoholic metaphor of the bittersweet angst that is life... ok, not really, but with Edmonton still in the depths of winter, I love the bit of sunshine with this drink.

  4. Pink slip #2 please. It is a pure alcoholic blend of sweet, spicy, and bubbly goodness. Mmmmmmmmmm ... please fire me with this drink ... repeatedly!

  5. i'm feeling bad for pink slip #3. perhaps a more witty description was needed? how about: the southern comfort is for our southern neighbours, who've been hit the hardest by this recession, and who need some comfort even more than we do. does that inspire anyone out there?

  6. Although all three are great choices I would have to go with #2 as it has a positive attitude towards it. I may not make sense but I totally get the description you made towards this drink. This one is totally a recession drink!

  7. three for me!

    It's simple so I can remember the ingrediants when I am drunk and trying to order it :)

  8. Barry, your palate can sense and appraise even the most subtle of ingredients.
    What's your secret?

  9. My secret, Ayesha from Toronto, is lots of alcohol.

  10. #3!#3! Pick #3!
    what is not to love? there's fruit, 2 kinds of alcohol, and a fun pink flavour! and it's citrus-free, which just clearly states its superiority.

  11. i've been unemployed for 2 weeks now - i've been sipping on pink slip 1