Thursday, August 27, 2009

barry takes in a few tastes at the rosebowl.

and likes them.

desperately needed pizza after 11 pm one friday past, so a few buds and i headed to the rosebowl on jasper and 117 street. a lot has changed in recent years at the bowl, particularly with their d├ęcor, but the pizza still delights the senses. try their spicy mexican pizza or their refreshing can’t-quite-remember-the-name-pizza with a garlic butter base, melted cheese, and chopped fresh tomatoes and cucumbers on top.

i had the chance to speak with the manager, and even better news: they’re extending their menu this fall to include more pizzas, more entrees, and more drinks!

good food, extended menu…my only complaint was that the music was crazy loud, making it near impossible to converse with my buds. maybe earplugs would be a good starter for the evening.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

barry's sweet, sweet sugar rush.

sun-soaked cardamom
syrup and dough combine as one.
gulab jamun goodness!

head-rush, sugar-rush,
sweet syrup dripping off my chin.
shamelessly munching.

they cry out: “eat me.”
the glucose rush clouds my mind.
just one more you say?