Tuesday, April 27, 2010

barry brings you today's blog thanks to the letter "p" and the number "4".

p is for perogies!! and 4 is for how many kinds we had at our perogy party. picture it: people bring their own fillings, we prep the dough and stuff them, and then....wait for it....WE EAT THEM.

bliss. heaven. happiness. there should be a book about how perogies feed your soul, and how world peace could be accomplished if everyone just ate a few of these everyday.

brie, garlic, pumpkin:
my fillings ingredients.
mellowed with some sage.

the flatness persists.
how to salvage the flavour?
cranberry jewel.
flavour unrefined:
jalapeno, cheddar, corn.
party in my mouth!

beets and boursin cheese?
for wild flavours, yes please!
made with love...and crack.

divine decadence:
did someone say s'morogies?!?!
beyond the campfire.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

barry presents a feast for your eyes.

barry's bringing sexy back.

i thought i'd share a few pics and recipes from this past easter weekend.

some of you may recall the avocado pie my bud informed us about last year. i finally tried it, and let me say, it's my new go-to dessert. 4 ingredients. 10 minutes prep. no baking. SNAP!

zest 2.

then juice them (1/3 cup).

mash up 2 whole ones of these.

mix them with one can of condensed milk.

start drooling.

put the mix into one of these pre-made (don't do chocolate though - too cocoay and dry).

chill it for 4 + hours.
tastes like heaven.

meyer lemons? try liar lemons! supposedly these "innocuous" fruits are supposed to look like lemons, smell like lemons, and taste like lemons without the sourness. LIES! sure you might peel these suckers like a mandarin orange, but everything else about them is bitter - like me.

plums, blackberries and starfruit. a hit with the nephew...and no one else.

the infamous "pail".

the breakfast of champions...and barry's family.

dinner was not for the faint of heart. case in point: carrots smothered in butter.

world's best stuffing (carb treat #1). notice the glorious sultana gems.

carb treat #2: potatoes...smothered in butter.

nalisnyky: carb treat #3 (with some farm cottage thrown in for good measure).

carb treat #4 (because there's no such thing as too many carbs): holubtsi.

my brined turkey (brined with apples, brown sugar, onions, 1/4 cup salt, garlic, cinnamon, and fresh rosemary, thyme and sage).
we overcooked it.

and finally, what's easter without the food equivalent to crack: farm cottage cheese.
happy eating!!