Wednesday, March 18, 2009

barry's famoso haikus.

famoso pizza,
i’m sad you disappoint me.
flavourless and blah.

excited for taste,
combined disappoint.

STOP: fantastic greens!
a symphony of flavours.
you win me over.


  1. How did you manage to get so much topping on your pizza? Everytime I go (three times thus far) it seems like food lite(sic). Perhaps I should order the prosciutto arugular (or not according to your haiku). I had the basic pizza (name...can't...remember... The one with basil and mozarella) last weekend. Ha! it had three shrivelled up leaves of basil. At least your pizza and salad looks like it had some substance.

    On a unrelated note, I made chocolate Guiness cake for St. Patrick's day. One word: Divine!

  2. I agree. I went expecting something special because of all the buzz and got a sicilian pizza that was bland and soggy. I blame the fresh tomatoes. The gorgonzola salad we shared was very good.

  3. As a person who loves all things bland, I am quite partial to Famaso pizza - the perfect lack of flavour for persons with sensitive palets. And I like that the crust is so thin and borderline soggy that I can roll it up like a pizza (as opposed to fruit) rollup and munch away.

  4. That is interesting to know about Famoso. I have never tried it. Do you like funky pickle better? And I enjoyed your haikus.

  5. Cute haikus :-) I have been wanting to try Famoso, but this doesn't make me anxious to do so anymore. I will have to give it a shot sometime anyway, it gets such mixed reviews.