Friday, November 14, 2008

organic bc cherries + kirch + callebaut chocolate = !

just once a year chocolatier Bernard Callebaut indulges his customers to a Christmas treat. he brings out his famous chocolate covered cherries (BC cherries that have been soaked in kirsh for five months and then dipped in semi-sweet chocolate) for people to elbow each other out of the way for.

there is something incredibly sexy about unwrapping a proper chocolate covered cherry. it seems so decadent and forbidden that you can’t help but swoon as you take your first bite of it. and then there’s the melted chocolate on your fingertips and the kirsch dripping down your chin – what’s not sexy about that?!

(well, except for the fact you look like a dribbling mess and you’re sobbing over the remains of the cherry that didn’t make it into your mouth and the fact that then there’s no more, and you’ll have to wait until next christmas to get more. but other than that, what’s not sexy about it?!)


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