Monday, November 17, 2008

barry loves bruce.

…bruce, alberta that is.

yes, as a carnivore, i can’t help but love bruce, alberta. many would drive by this tiny community of three streets and two avenues without thinking to stop, take a deep breath and smell the beef, but friday nights at the bruce hotel is the place to be for one of the best steaks you’ll have in your life.

not to be forgotten are the unlimited salad bar, sweet treats and potatoes drowning in cream. even if steak isn’t your thing, there’s no excuse to not come by, check out the wood paneled walls, bingo hall chairs and luxurious paper plates. it’s a feast for the senses (and your belly) that should not be missed!

the bruce hotel: reservations are required: (780) 688.3922

· really good, reasonably priced steak ($15.99 for a 8oz top sirloin and $21.99 for a 16oz steak the size of your face…prices include buffet sides, salads, coffee and sweets)
· terrific taco salad
· three words: dill cream potatoes. four more words: all. you. can. eat.
· at least 8 different freshly prepared salads
· dolly parton poster. as a youth. enough said.

· a bit of a drive from edmonton (road trip!).

· canned mushrooms have never been my thing.

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